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060 numbers

A Premium rate numbers (06x) is a service that allows interaction between Content Provider and Caller Clients. This way you can provide specific services at a commercial level whether of informative or entertaining content.

0800 numbers

Toll free numbers (0800) allow your company to provide different information about your business, products and services you offer. The service is recommended to be used in contact centers, customer service, can serve as info telephone, for sale of various services (tourist agencies, hotels, various deliveries etc.)


With SMS service, you can easily create a personalized and fast communication channel for interaction with your users and thus advertise your products, inform customers about events, marketing actions, and more.


Select a number

Choose 060 number and create the service through our intuitive web site.

Tracking statistics

You are able to track detailed statistics of all calls on our web site.

Payment to your account

Your service is automatically charged and paid to your account on monthly basis.